South Africa 2010

Only 2 Weeks after the Fifa World Cup left the place¬† we where heading to South Africa. The magic J-Bay was waiting for us. Robin and O’Neill fixed us a 14day trip to this magical surfing destination.¬† The flight was a bit longer than expected with a 24hour delay at Brussels airport due to some mechanical problems with the airplane. But those things happen we you travel…

We scored 1 bigger swell at the bay and I saw some people riding epic barrels! But I didn’t … I hate crowds and crowd there was! I counted about 87 people out in the water … left the perfect right hander for what it was, and scored some small left funky closeouts on the beach.

Very cool was the 116m bunji bridge (the highest one in the world). I’m still enjoying the feeling of free falling in the air!